1. The VIDIPEC Trial: Vitamin D In Pediatric Crohn’s Disease: recruiting participants
  2. The ADAPT Study: An Efficacy and Safety Study of Infliximab in Pediatric Participants With Inflammatory Bowel Disease: recruiting participants
  3. Therapeutic Drug monitoring in children With IBD- St Justine Experience
  4. Développement et implantation d’un programme d’assurance qualité en endoscopie digestive pédiatrique.
    • Subvention de recherche ACPM  et RMEF
    • Quelques résultats : www.rmefrancophonie.org/file/161945/
    • Presentation DDW 2016
  5. Immunosuppressants and Risk of Autoimmune Disease in Offspring
  6. Quality Improvement in Pediatric IBD – Building a Database of Patients
  7. Outcome  of children treated with Modulen at diagnosis of Crohn’s disease
    • Presentation DDW 2016